Mountain IPA - A New Style Emerges from The Ever-Evolving IPA

One thing is certain in the dynamic world of craft beer and brewing, the venerable IPA leads the way when it comes to twists and turns. Beginning with the early days of independent breweries in the US where the classic English style was transformed using American hops, the IPA has continued to give birth to new and exciting versions. From old school West Coast IPAs (the IBU wars) to Colored IPAs (black, brown and white), to Fruited IPAs to Brut style IPAs to the modern West Coast IPAs (softer but still leaning towards bitter), to the Cold IPA (a twist on an IPL), to the ubiquitous Hazy IPA craze and the Milkshake style that has sprung from that, the IPA family tree has grown many branches (and I am sure I have missed some). As a result, drinking IPA today is vastly different than it was a decade ago and the trend continues.

Amongst all the IPA moving and shaking one new version that has recently emerged has been dubbed “Mountain IPA”. Where the West Coast style brings big (resinous) bitter and the Hazy (East Coast IPA) brings juicy, the Mountain-style meets somewhere in the middle, essentially an east meets west affair. Sporting elevated hops that showcase pine and resinous, the Mountain IPA also delivers upfront hops with a fruity aroma and a toned-down juiciness. It has a slight haze from the large hop load and delivers a smooth experience with a crisp IPA-like finish, not the palate wrecking bitterness of the West Coast styles and not the “eat it with a spoon” juiciness of the East Coast, but somewhere pleasantly in between. The result is a complex but extremely drinkable IPA.

The Mountain IPA style arrived on the scene in the US from two separate powerhouse breweries, Oscar Blues Brewery and Odell Brewing Company, both located in Colorado where the Rocky Mountains rise from the plains, hence the moniker “Mountain IPA”.  We are very excited about this new style and we see huge potential in it. Our initial take on the style, Basecamp Mountain IPA fits the brief with hints of both East Coast (NEIPA) and West Coast characteristics. Using classic resinous piney hops from the West Coast style, huge doses of fruity hops late in the brew and copious dry hop bombs to emulate the Hazy style, Basecamp brings the Mountain IPA experience. Weighing in at 6.0% ABV it has inviting approachability for such a flavorsome brew. The name Basecamp is a reference to the base of a mountain, the beginning of a journey towards the top. Going forward we will be building a “Mountain Range” (pun intended) of the style with hop, grain, yeast and process variations to open up new experiences for the New Zealand beer enthusiasts.

Sound good? Get it now at our tap room in Silverdale and ask for it by name at your favorite local free house.

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